Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chace 'N Brody

Chace is now almost 10 weeks old.... and she's getting bigger - everytime I see someone who knows her the first thing is 'She's grown'!
I know thats what puppies do...but she's growing so fast!
Chace is doing well with her basic training.... she's recalling (when not distracted), sitting, down, touch, and shake.
I'm also starting to work on racing to the toy for agility.
She's great at home with toilet training and in the crate... just not so good away from home yet!

Chace and Brody have an interesting relationship... Brody has told her off once or twice, and now she dosent understand when he wants to play - she thinks he's telling her off again! And when she wants to play with him he ignores her! They will get there in the end though..... Whenever they have been apart they do a waggy tail licking face greeting which is cool.

Chace is doing really well at school - she LOVES all her student buddies, and they love her - she gets cuddles and walks every interval and lunch. She also gets to play with her puppy playmate Nitro!