Thursday, March 3, 2011

The constant veterinary battle.....

Just wanted to make a post about my boy.... Poor Brody! We have been making pretty frequent veterinary visits over the last few years, unfortunately the line seems to have major health issues, and unfortunately his breeders are continuing to breed from Brody's siblings! Pretty frustrating and not very responsible if you ask me.

The two dogs from Brody's litter and
the other identical mating that work in obedience or agility have lupus, addisons disease, and one of them died unexpectantly last year.

Brodys past problems include: thyroid issues, skin problems, kennel cough and eye infections, stomach problems, seizures, cortisol abnormal levels, then FAD, more skin issues....

In the last four months Brody has had no seizures, which is AWESOME after 7 months of irregular seizures about once a month. I think this was mostly due to me getting rid of any environmental chemicals, and a new probiotic supplement.

Unfortunately in the hot muggy Auckland summer we have had other problems...... Fleas! I have never had the problem before, and not both dogs are going crazy with fleas, and of course Brody gets FAD. Being newly chemical free I cant use the usual topical products on Brody, so heres what I have been doing:
  • Advantage on Chace and Max the cat
  • Organic flea oil on all of them frequently
  • Lots of baths with neem oil soap
  • dusting the house with a mixture of salt, baking soda and lemon essential oil
  • Cleaning all the leaf litter and long grass and sprinkling diatomaceous earth everywhere
  • Adding garlic and brewers yeast to their food
  • lots of brushing with the flea comb. Yes through Brody's hair!
And now that I seem to be starting to win the battle with the fleas, I now have a very sorry for himself feeling coughing kennel cough inflicted boy.

Poor Brody.