Monday, May 9, 2011

National Dog Show 2011

I left Auckland on Wednesday morning to head off early to Nationals in Fielding. I bought my first every house at auction the night before (both scary and exciting!) so my head was a bit all over the place. The drive down was bit yuk - wintery and windy and cold!

We arrived in Palmy to the motel I was sharing with Nicki and her three shepherds to find a very wet and cold Nicki - she had been out doing tracking with Reicher.

Thursday was nice - wandering around the Mansfield arena watching everything that was going on - it was the prelude obedience (off site - I didnt go watch that) and the prelude breed inside that Nicki was doing with her youngest GSD Indie. Nice to just wander and not have too much to do.... except for spend some money of course!

Mansfield Arena

Nicki breed showing Indie

Friday was the first day of agility, unfortunately they moved the agility from outside Mansfield stadium to the Fielding club grounds. It was a bit of a pity because it didnt really feel like we were part of the national show, and the grounds felt fine on Sunday when we were there for AD / Finals!

Brody ran in Intermediate, Novice and jumpers. He had a good run in intermediate except for Brody contacts (leaping off the top!), but kind of fast. He went clear in Jumpers C which was great as we are only a few away from JD, but not super fast. I managed to watch some agility, but missed most of the obedience I wanted to see!

Chace posing at the agility grounds

Saturday was a very busy and somewhat stressful day. Brody's health has been a bit up and down lately - no seizures since Christmas which is awesome, but since then skin and shoulder issues. So I was really worried all day about how he was. We ran Novice (I didnt know I entered it and didnt walk the course) and knocked a rail, and Jumpers C (clear but slow). Went and watched some breed and obedience, and then got back to agility only to have drama with Nicki - she just got bcak from breed showing and had four GSD's to run right away. So I got my intro to shepherds - I had to take each one to the ring from the crates in the car for Nicki to run. I think I scared the judge a bit when Reicher hauled me to the ring and almost pulled me onto my face! Then the drama of trying to get one in and one out and of the crate with three dogs in...... Fun!! Also Nick almost had an asthma attack, then when I was taking the last dog back to the crate when Nicki was all done there were BC's running all around the ute, with Reicher and Tess in one crate going nuts, and I was meant to open that crate and get Indie in. Needless to say I decided NOT to open the crate! I didnt want any GSD eating BC incidents!!!

Brody with best buddy Reicher.... that is until Brody decided it would be a good idea to hump him!!! Really not a good idea!

Paws N Music

Saturday night was the Paws N Music event, and both Nick and I were pretty nervous!!! My first routine was the HWTM - little star.

This was me completely out of my comfort zone, as Brody's not too keen on heelwork, and I'm not a dancer, and definitely not good being all delicate and girly! Unfortunately Brody got distracted by someone eating something that smelt REALLY

GOOD off the the side of the ring, and apparently I didnt have enough heelwork in to score very high. Its a bit of a pity because I think that although there was not as much heelwork, it was better choreographed and more entertaining than many of the other HWTM routines. But it didnt score well - we got 4th. The next routine was our starters freestyle - Brody was a bit tired and laggy, but hit most of his moves. We got third behind Kate and Irma.

Nicki did really well with Reicher - 4th in Elementary with her werewolf routine, and first in HWTM with the routine that I choreographed! Stoked for her!!!!

After the prizegiving all the kiddies came up to see the dogs, and as per normal Brody was VERY popular! We had a good play with all the kids, and jumped over (or on top of) a few of them!

I got back into the car after prizegiving to find a puppy surrounded in sequins..... Silly me had put Brody's beautiful sequined bandana too close to the crate, and forgot to give her a chew, so I think she is going to have gold sparky poos for a few days, little bugger! And after the hours of sewing!!!

Sunday morning we had AD at the Mansfield grounds, I was a little disappointed because both Brody and I managed to completely stuff it up - completely demo'd the second jump! It was a bit disappointing because theres hardly any AD's this year, and I am trying really hard to get ADX with Brody this year. Then we had lots of fun watching all the breed show, parade of winners, and Test C obedience. I took Chace for a few circuits of the stadium to get her used to the strange noises and surfaces.... and to tire her out!

Then Nicki went back to the unit to eat a whole lot of junk food, and drive home Monday morning, another crap weather day! Raining and windy.

All in all another great Nationals, a bit disappointed with some of our performances, but Brody is happy and seizure free, and thats the main thing. I always love watching all the events, like the Breed showing (still dont get it though!) and the YKC (there are some SUCH awesome young handlers!) and it was great to see the South Island girls!!

Looking forward to next year.... hopefully Chace might be on the scene then too!!!

Brody and Chace posing on the ride home - North end of the Dessert Road