Raw Food Diet

Since Brody was a puppy he has been a scratchy, itchy skin dog, that would often get an upset tummy.  Over the years as Brody grew, his skin got worse and worse.

He would scratch at his muzzle, back, and lick his paws and flanks. His muzzle and back lost lots of hair, and he scratched until the skin was red and bleeding, then would get secondary bacterial infections on the open sores, which needed treatment with antibiotics.

He was also reluctant to eat the dry food, and would often go several days without eating any food at all. I would often have to hand feed his to get his to eat ANY food.

Several different vets examined Brody, and the suggesting was that he was allergic to some foods, and also was getting some 'hayfever' (contact allergies). They reccomended switching to a special skin and stomach food, and antihistimine tablets, and if that didnt work then Z/D (allergin free perscription diet) and/or stronger medication.

After visiting Dr Lyn Thomson at Milford Pet and Vet, I put Brody onto a Raw Food Diet. After a year of so of fiddling and adjusting, Brody now LOVES to eat his dinner, and has had significantly less itching. His coat is full, shiny, and does not have the dark scabby bits from excessive scratching, and his tummy does not get upset any more.

So the diet, along with relatively frequent baths (using Dermcare Oatmeal Shampoo)  have really helped heaps!

Brody's Raw Food Diet

Heres a sample of what Brody eats in a week. He eats a meal once a night, sometimes it's still partially frozen, and at certain times of the year I might add supplements (Fish oil tablets, flax seed oil, or probiotic tablets). I also adjust how much I feed, depending on his weight.

  1. Large Chicken carcuss or leg
  2. Lamb Brisket
  3. fast night (no food)
  4. Chicken necks and frozen tripe
  5. Lamb brisket
  6. Chicken carcuss and tripe
  7. Rabbit Saddle

Raw Food tips

  • Go and see Dr Lyn Thomson to get some help with starting! Or at least go to her website (Raw Essentials) and have a look. 
  • Fast for at least a day before you change over to a raw food diet. Your pups tummy needs to be completely empty before you start, otherwise you might get lots of vomiting!
  • Start out with a few raw foods(e.g. chicken and lamb), and over several weeks try new foods.
  • Dont cut the raw food up into smaller prices - the whole point is that they chew and crunch the bones.
  • Dont worry if your dog turns its nose up the first time, especially at the stronger gamier meats like rabbit, sometimes it takes them a while to get used to the taste. 
  • Feed them outside if you can... they tend to drap the meat around a bit while eating! 
  • Weigh regularly, and adjust the amount you feed if your dog is gaining / losing weight.
  • If you forget to get the meat out of the freezer, dont stress, give your dog a break - fast that day.