Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another action packed weekend

This weekend we had two agility competitions. They were both ribbon trials (the easier less important ones). 
Saturday was NorWest, in Kumeu. It was actually pretty nice, but I was really tired! I ended up having several nanna naps in the car. 
Brody was disqualified in Starters, and then we had to wait around for Elementary. But it was totally worth the wait - after bolting over to say hi to the judge, Brody ran a great run, and we came second (by 0.1 of a second)! Yay!

Then Sunday was our clubs agility ribbon trial. True to form NSDTC put on a great, but very wet show. We arrived early to help take entries and set up, and ran a fantastic elementary - the first time that I have been sprinting and not able to keep up to Brody. And Brody and I WON... we beat Suzanne and Jack by less than a second, and now we are out of elementary

So I am really happy - Brody is finally getting somewhere, after years of unpredictable (but happy) bolting and being naughty! My goals for this year was to get out of elementary for obedience, agility, and paws n music, which we have now done!
... Now I need to decide what my goals are for next year!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nationals part two.... Photos!

I finally have some images of Nationals, the last four taken by the fantastic Ashlee from North Shore Dog Training club, the first four taken by the official Nationals photographers, and purchased from them e. cate marshall

Monday, November 16, 2009

Agility weekend

This weekend we went two agility champ shows, Akarana on the Saturday, then ACAC (auckland canine agility club) on Sunday. 

Luckily these were both in Auckland, so I didnt have to travel too far for once... just 45 minutes out South to Ardmore. 

On the Saturday we had a great group of North Shore and other 
hanger hangers squeezed into a little space... So some great conversations! 

Brody ran in Starters (disaster.... he wasn't focused, and all over the place), Novice (very nice run!), and C jumpers (another clear round but not very fast). 
Brody also got to have a fun play with Cheryl's new puppy, Shona. 

Brody managed to go fast enough in Novice to gain a 12th place... his first agility ribbon! Very exciting, and in the line up Brody was called out as 'the prettiest dog here'.  

Sunday we had a ok day, but Brody was just too tired - two days of competition is alot! He has a really nice Starters run - his time would have placed him in 7th, but I sprinted ahead to speed his up and he knocked a rail!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Brody's 4th Birthday

Today is a very special day, as Brody is all grown up now! 
He is now four years old.  
It seems so long ago, when we drove in peak hour traffic to pick him up from Auckland airport, where he was flown up from Christchurch from his breeders Johanna and
He was SO cute - totally looked like a teddy bear.... he was almost called Rupert, but then proved to be much to naughty and full of beans, so we called him Brody. 
Then came the geeky teenage phase, when he lost all his puppy fur and looked plain ugly for a few months! Poor boy! 
Now after many years, lots of fun, running (as he bolted away from me/the car/the house...), heaps of training, and many great memories and friends made, he has reached the grand old age of four!
Now I spoil Brody, just a little bit, so this morning Brody got his birthday presents. He is so cute..... gets all excited, and unwraps them (see the video below!). 
And then he got the best treat ever.... he got to come into school. 
He just loves coming into school, as there is heaps of people to pat him, play with him, take him for 
walks.... and he gets to lick the floor which is just great!  Then when he's tired, he gets to curl up under the desk and nap.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Whangarei Championship Show

This weekend we drove up to Whangarei for the WDTA obedience and agility championship show.
We drove up on the Friday, and stayed in a cute little cabin at Alpha Holiday park.. which I would definitely recommend, very dog friendly.
I stupidly entered everything I could, which was a bit too much! We entered Special Beginners for obedience, and Novice, Starters, and Jumpers C for Agility.... on both Saturday and Sunday!
So first up was obedience, which was very nerve racking.... as it was only the second ever
Specials we had entered, and we have been working so hard with Jan lately! And he did the best every heelwork he has every done in the ring, his off lead was a bit sloppy, but we havent trained off lead. A good recall, and he stuck his stays! Yay I was so happy that we saw some progress! And Michelle was the steward, which was very cool (she is a great steward!).
So we actually won Special Beginners, which means that we are now officially out of Elementary for Paws n Music AND obedience! Two out of three, I only need to get out of elementary for agility now, and I will have achieved all of my goals for dog training for the year.
Agility was good, he is still making progress... two of the runs he was great, and I made a handling mistake which meant we didnt get a clear round, and the other rounds he was tired and played up. But it was a big weekend.
Then to top it off, 5 minutes before I was about to drive off, they drew the raffle, and I won a huge Christmas ham!
Wow, so a great weekend all around . I am rather tired though, and so is Brody!