Focus and Motivation Class

Recently at NSDTC I have started running a new agility class. It's called 'Focus and Motivation' class, and its aimed at young dogs and puppys that are going to compete in agility, but are too young to train in the obstacle classes. It has also been great for older dogs that need a little more focus!

To make it easier on my fantastic class members, and anyone else interested I have decided to post an explanation and some videos of some of the exercises we work through in class. These exercises are based on Susan Garret training methods, so if you are interested in finding out more check out her blog, or join an online course like Recallers or Puppy Peaks.

  • Training tools and focus during training sessions
  • Structuring training sessions
  • Crate games
  • Agility hand targets
  • Contact work
  • Reinforcement zone
  • Sits / waits / downs / stays.... the Release
  • Playing tug
  • Its yer choice
  • Recalls
  • Out around a cone
  • Marking and racing to a toy
  • Agility strengthening tricks