Monday, July 13, 2009

Catch up on what's happened in 2009...

This is a bit of what's been happening this year for me:
  • I'm back at Glenfield College teaching in a permanent full time position. Teaching Senior Biology, junior science, and some junior maths (aahh!!)
  • Still coaching the school girls basketball teams (they are doing well this year!), and also assisting in the coaching of the North Harbour U17 Rep team. We went to nationals and came third.
  • Matt and I broke up. Very sad, but we are both happier now.
  • Still doing HEAPS of doggy stuff with Brody and at club - still plugging away at obedience, doing better at agility (we have just been upgraded to the 8pm competitive class at club! And I'm instructing a new tricks class at club, and we are about to enter our first Heel work to music competition! See the video on the right for a look at us practising the routine.
  • Brody, Max and I have recently moved into a cute little 1 bedroom flat in Torbay - pics coming as soon as its looking neat and tidy and how I want it to look!


  1. Hi Kelly and Brody,

    Yay - we found your blog! We'll add you to our blogroll so we can keep up with your's great having NZ blog friends! :-)

    By the way, Kelly - I mean to ask you tonight and I forgot - what breed/cross Brody is? He is such a beautiful and unusual looking dog!

    Hsin-Yi (& Honey the Great Dane)

  2. Cool video. Brody looks super cute. A shame I can't kae it this weekend but good luck and hope to catch up with you both soon!

    Suz & Jack

  3. Hello Kelly , Brody and Max

    Wow I managed to get on your site and considering blog thingy is brand new to me I am really impressed. Loved the photos especially, of course, the one with Bruiser in them and the one taken at our place with all his doggy friends when we were socialising our new BC baby Bess. Great (and sad) that you have moved on to the 8:00pm class on Thursday as Bru and I have now moved to the last level but still at 6:45pm. Anyway great site and will see you on Tuesday.

    Lise, Roy, Bruiser and Bess