Thursday, August 20, 2009

August.... baths, vets, competitions, and basketball

Hey Everyone,

So the last few weeks, as per normal I have been far too busy!!

At school I have almost finished with basketball, which will be great as it takes up a lot of time. The season went well, lots of new girls,
and lots of fun. My top U17 team is playing in the final for their grade tonight, and hav
e qualified for the Greater Auckland Secondary schools tournament, which is next Wednesday.

Also my Tutor class (kind of like a
form class) has just completed our entry for the Fair Go secondary school ad competition, which looks awesome! The competition was to create a 30 second ad that promotes, or tries to sell an unpopular school subject. My students did a great job, and I cant wait to see the results! It was a bit of a rush in the end, with the final edit burning onto disk approximately 30m yesterday, rushed to the courier, as entries were due by 5pm today!!
I will post the video as soon as the judging is complete, I'm so proud!!

Brody's allergies have been playing up again (itchy skin and ears, lethargic and sad, upset tummy) so he has been back to the vet, his diet re-adjusted, and some more tablets! Poor boy, it has been affecting his competitions, as he is a bit down in the ring, and has to stop shake his head or scratch!!

We have had a couple of competitions in the last few weeks, with some success.....
We had the second Paws 'N Music competition at Ardmore, which was really good because heaps of my students from NSDTC (the new tricks class) came and had a go in the busking section, and Brody and I performed our routine to a much better standard, even though he has still a bit sick! But unfortunately the judge thought that we were placed in the wrong section (there are two grades) and marked us down heaps. So we placed third, which is good, but first would have been nice :-) It was also cool because we might be shown in the filming of a kids TV show that was doing a piece on Honey the Great Dane and her owner Hsin-Yi. I was jumping around in the background with Brody with their interview, trying to keep him under control!

Then on Sunday we did Elementary obedience at the Ardmore Benefit Show. We have been having some 'issues' with heelwork in the ring (its not as exciting as tricks or agility!!), so I tried to trick him into thinking it was tricks, by setting him up with some tricks before heelwork. It worked a treat, his heelwork was great!! Then he broke his sit stay... tried to go and say hi to a German Shepherd.
So the judge gave me my points at the end with the comment "That was a pity, you would have won if he didnt break the sit stay"!!! One day it will happen. Hopefully. I dont want to be in Elementary for ever!!!


  1. Hi Kelly, that is brilliant, i am impressed! I am sorry that I missed that on the day.Are there other 'dance competitions' coming up?

  2. The nest one is Nationals in Fielding, in October :-)