Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another action packed weekend

This weekend we had two agility competitions. They were both ribbon trials (the easier less important ones). 
Saturday was NorWest, in Kumeu. It was actually pretty nice, but I was really tired! I ended up having several nanna naps in the car. 
Brody was disqualified in Starters, and then we had to wait around for Elementary. But it was totally worth the wait - after bolting over to say hi to the judge, Brody ran a great run, and we came second (by 0.1 of a second)! Yay!

Then Sunday was our clubs agility ribbon trial. True to form NSDTC put on a great, but very wet show. We arrived early to help take entries and set up, and ran a fantastic elementary - the first time that I have been sprinting and not able to keep up to Brody. And Brody and I WON... we beat Suzanne and Jack by less than a second, and now we are out of elementary

So I am really happy - Brody is finally getting somewhere, after years of unpredictable (but happy) bolting and being naughty! My goals for this year was to get out of elementary for obedience, agility, and paws n music, which we have now done!
... Now I need to decide what my goals are for next year!

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  1. The boys both did really well!!! Jack still tired today!