Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Christmas Holidays

My Christmas holidays started with marking for NZQA, which I'm sure as you can imagine was thrilling stuff! I managed to get that all wrapped up just before Christmas, and was lucky enough to have two Christmas days, one a bit early with Christine and her family, and Christmas day with Suzanne and her family (including Brody's best buddy Jack the Labrador!).

Early January Brody and I had a great adventure... A flight down to Nelson to catch up with the family. Those of you who
know Brody can understand that I was a little nervous about having Brody at my
parents place in Nelson - its a big lifestyle block with farm fencing (e.g. not Brody-proof), lots of cows and chickens, and other things to get into!

But it really shows my how much Brody has grown up... He took the whole flying thing with ease, and settled in quickly to the farm and his NEW buddy Dougal the Huntaway.
Although we still had to watch him carefully, he just loved scouting out the farm, and chasing (NOT eating) the cows and chickens. And after a little settling in period, him and Dougal became great friends.

The only thing he couldnt get his head around was the pool
- he just didnt get that the pool actually had a bottom to it, therefore would NOT go in. He would site for half an hour, waiting till he toys got close enough to grab. Very cute though!

After our lovely relaxing Nelson trip, I just tried to do all those things that I dont get time to do in term time (clean the car, and house, clean under the bed et.) ad relaxed. And Brody and I did heaps of extra training..... see the next posting about his great results, coming soon!

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