Sunday, June 20, 2010

Agility weekend away

Saturday started with a very early morning drive - we left at 5.30am! We arrived at Cambridge far to early, despite the Mystery creek Field days traffic. And surprisingly the weather was actually great, despite a bad

Brody and I ran in Jumpers C (knocked a rail because I didnt time it right, and Brody's pacing was wrong), Starters (placing yay!), Novice (missed an up contact), and our first ever AD.

I was really happy with our attempt at AD, as we got much further that I thought. My only goal was to get the see saw, which we did. It was really only me mucking up the cross over that blew it.... But check out the video.

Saturday night Debbie and I drove to Hamilton, and stayed in a great little dog friendly motel (the Abbey travel Lodge) with Tonka and Matilda and all the dogs.

Sunday at WAG was more like the forecast..... very wet and muddy, so not all the pleasant! Tonka started the day in great form - getting the last ADX she needed with Molly to get ADX gold! Wow.

Despite the weather and a tired Brody we managed to get two more ribbons - in Jumpers C and Starters. All in all a great agility weekend.

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