Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2009 Eukanuba Nationals - Fielding

Last Wednesday Brody and I embarked on a great adventure - our first Nationals. We left in convey with Michelle, Jan, and Janna in two campervans, and made it to Fielding a mere seven hours later.

To our great joy we were to be camping in the event centre's carpark for the week, without power. On the plus side there were half decent toilets and showers pretty close, and the centre where it was all heppening was literally 100m away!

After setting up, and getting settled in it was down to buisness. On the Thursday the first of our group, Michelle was competing with Bodie in the Obedience curtain raiser event. He did very well, despite being a little over prepaired by Jan, with some pretty good heelwork and a nice recall and retrieve. Pity it was out in the carpark with a cone boundry rope!

Then I had my first glimpse into the strange world of Breed shows..... We ventured into the centre, and started wandering. After visiting the stalls, and checking out all the food stalls, I settled down to watch the breed shows. After a week I still dont really know how it works, it was definately an experience. The thing that got me the most was the amount of dogs that peed and pooped in the ring! And also the crazy costumes they were put in to keep their fur nice between shows... And I though obedience people were weird! (Just kidding).

Then came Friday.... The big day!! Friday night the Paws 'N Music event was held in the main
ring, in the centre. Scary! Michelle and I were competing with Brody and Moss, and Jan was judging, so a big day for our group. After a day of nerves it was time for the big event. The show started at 7pm, and I was 7th in the elementary group. Over 500 tickets had been pre-sold, and two big grandstands were full. I was SSOOOO nervous!
But it went great, despite some dubious practice in the corridor beforehand.
My new imporved part of the routine (with human props Kelly and Michelle) went great, he was totally focused! Just a little coughing incident, and a few bits that were not as well timed as I would like, but he hit all his tricks. Michelle and Moss's routine was in Novice, and she was competing against Chelsea Mariner, with a very different type of routine. And it went great, and Moss mostly behaved.

And then the prizegiving..... So nervous! My main goal was that Brody get all his tricks, and I would like to place. And then we won!!!! Yay I was SO happy! ANd to make it better, Ngaire with Risky got third (another Choredography dog). And Michelle and Moss won Novice! What a great night, Jan was so proud!
And of course, true to form, Brody slipped his collar and bolted... running through the crowds to dash into the mens bathroom. He came back, eventually!

So Brody is the New Zealand Elementary Paws 'N Music Champion for 2009!!

Friday was a very nervous day for Michelle (and
Jan) as she was also competing in Novice with Bodie inside. He was great, did very well, great retrieve, and stuck his stays.

I also was lucky enough to meet another of Brody's sister Fusion. She definately takes off her mum, very husky looking. She also ran in agility later in the week.

Saturday was a nervous day for Jan, as she was cometing in Test B with Onyx, who is a pretty young dog, in a very competitive grade.
He did great though, just a bit of a short send away. We also watched the junior handler competitions in the evening, which were heaps of fun. It was great to see so many young handlers doing so well. And having heaps of fun.

Sunday was Janna's day, competing in the big Test C with True. He definately did Janna proud, with some beautiful heelwork, and he seemed to have fun!

Sunday was all the Best in Breed and other big competitions, which again was interesting to watch! Kelly (the prop in my routine) was competing for best young handler, to win a trip to compete in Crufts. And lots of the other winners did a parade, which was nice to see. Pity that they didnt want any Paws 'N Music demos. Oh well. Then came the big news..... Snow everywhere and the desert road closed! Dramas! Sunday night Brody and I checked into the local holiday park, as the others were leaving in the morning.

Monday and Tuesday were the agility competitions, and it was very cool to see the big centre all changed around for agility. We competed in Starters and Novice on Monday, and we achieved my goal - a clear round! I was stoked, he was pretty fast, and did his weaves first time. Novice wasnt so good, he was getting really tired. He got all his contacts, but didnt want to weave, so we just ran and had fun.

On Monday we ran Jumpers in the morning before we left, and we were both super tired, so just had fun. Then we
had to drive home, which was somewhat of a mission due to all the snow! We had to go National park, as the Desert road was closed. But that was kind of cool as Brody had his first ever romp in the snow.

Then we got home, and blobbed out! Two very tired people.... Well one human and a dog.


  1. Congratulations on the Elementary Paws 'N Music Champion title!! We wish we could have seen your winning routine at the site!

  2. Hey Kelly,

    Cool read! I watched your agility run (nice!), but where is your music routine? I'd love to see that too!


  3. I'm still waiting to get photos and the video... I will post it as soon as I get it!!

  4. Oh, what a great post!! (Sorry we didn't get round to visiting earlier!) - I loved reading it all as it felt a little bit like being there with you guys - gosh, what a LOT you packed into 1 weekend! Brody must have the most incredible stamina - if Honey did all that, I think she'd need to sleep for a year to recover!! :-)

    Loved watching your agility run - I'd never seen Brody do Agility before - he really just flies over the jumps, doesn't he?!

    Can't wait to see the video of your routine too...CONGRATULATIONS again! So well deserved!!!