Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend doggy events

This weekend we had two interesting doggy events. On Saturday night we performed a demonstration with other Choredography dogs at a Ceroc Dance party, that was fundraising for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
The dance was being held in
Edgewater College, in the school hall... which unfortunately meant slippery wooden floors. And also swarms of people sitting around the edge of the hall. This was really NOT ideal for dancing dogs!!
Although some dogs (i.e. Brody) coped better that others, it was fair to say that the performance was not great! They all slipped everywhere, Moss was freaked out by the loud microphone noise, and Honey just could NOT figure out what that weird slippery floor thing was!

For a bit of entertainment, take a look at the video that Hsin-Yi made of the night.

On Sunday Brody and I ventured, yet again to Ardmore in the ongoing battle I like to call obedience. We went out with Debbie and her dogs Bailey and Tia, and for once Brody actually behaved relatively well in the ring!! It was the Manakau Obedience Championship show, and we entered Elementary. I'm very proud to say, that Brody got second!! Yay, progress!! My goal is for him to graduate out of Elementary this year, only one win to go!
I will post a pic of him soon with his pretty ribbon :-)

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