Monday, November 16, 2009

Agility weekend

This weekend we went two agility champ shows, Akarana on the Saturday, then ACAC (auckland canine agility club) on Sunday. 

Luckily these were both in Auckland, so I didnt have to travel too far for once... just 45 minutes out South to Ardmore. 

On the Saturday we had a great group of North Shore and other 
hanger hangers squeezed into a little space... So some great conversations! 

Brody ran in Starters (disaster.... he wasn't focused, and all over the place), Novice (very nice run!), and C jumpers (another clear round but not very fast). 
Brody also got to have a fun play with Cheryl's new puppy, Shona. 

Brody managed to go fast enough in Novice to gain a 12th place... his first agility ribbon! Very exciting, and in the line up Brody was called out as 'the prettiest dog here'.  

Sunday we had a ok day, but Brody was just too tired - two days of competition is alot! He has a really nice Starters run - his time would have placed him in 7th, but I sprinted ahead to speed his up and he knocked a rail!

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