Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Brody's 4th Birthday

Today is a very special day, as Brody is all grown up now! 
He is now four years old.  
It seems so long ago, when we drove in peak hour traffic to pick him up from Auckland airport, where he was flown up from Christchurch from his breeders Johanna and
He was SO cute - totally looked like a teddy bear.... he was almost called Rupert, but then proved to be much to naughty and full of beans, so we called him Brody. 
Then came the geeky teenage phase, when he lost all his puppy fur and looked plain ugly for a few months! Poor boy! 
Now after many years, lots of fun, running (as he bolted away from me/the car/the house...), heaps of training, and many great memories and friends made, he has reached the grand old age of four!
Now I spoil Brody, just a little bit, so this morning Brody got his birthday presents. He is so cute..... gets all excited, and unwraps them (see the video below!). 
And then he got the best treat ever.... he got to come into school. 
He just loves coming into school, as there is heaps of people to pat him, play with him, take him for 
walks.... and he gets to lick the floor which is just great!  Then when he's tired, he gets to curl up under the desk and nap.

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