Sunday, May 30, 2010

Poor Brody...

Brody hasn't been very well lately, not good at all! It started a few weeks ago with his skin breaking out into new itchy spots all over his tummy and underarms, and constant scratching. So we went back to the vet and decided to add some supplements and bits and pieces and hold off on any stronger medication, just an injection to help with the itching.
The itching continued, and Brody was scratching away all day long, the kids at
school were constantly yelling 'Brody stop scratching!'.
Then on a Sunday morning he had a big grand mal seizure. It was the scariest thing I have ever seen in my life, I though he was going to die! He started with dry reching, then was on the floor with all muscles tense, I though he was choking. Then he started going into convulsions with saliva going everywhere and his bladder emptying.
This lasted long enough for me to run around the house like a crazy person yelling, and throwing trackies and a hoody over my PJ's, and finding my phone / keys / wallet. When he stopped convulsing I touched him, but he was still out of it and bit my hand. I left him for a minute to kind of wake up a little more, and then loaded him into the car... when I realised my hand was bleeding quite profusely.
When I got to the vet (that my friend Beth worked at, and it was open on Sunday thank god) I was a mess - crying, bleeding, PJ's and everything!
At this stage Brody was all hyper and still quite out of it. The vets sedated him and put him in a cage to keep an eye on his recovery for the rest of the day, it was pretty hard to leave him thrashing around in that cage!
Since then he has had no more seizures (touch wood!) and my regular vet has done some further diagnostic testing, and he is on thyroid medication for hypothyroidism. Although he wasnt completely out of the normal thyroid range, he was low enough for my vet to put him on the medication. Since then he has also gone onto a course of Prednisone to try to stop the itching... fingers crossed it all helps!
And me... well I got a trip to the doctor for antibiotics for the hand bite, and a speeding ticket!


  1. Oh, poor Brody... I can't imagine how scared and upset you must have been when you saw Brody having a seizure. I hope the medication will help control his conditions.

    Cinnamon's mum

  2. Oh my God, what a nightmare!! YOu poor thing! And poor Brody! I wonder what brought on that seizure - it sounded so horrible - I was getting stressed out just reading your description!!
    Anyway, hope things are settling a bit now and the vet sorts his condition out with the medications. And definitely no more seizures!!

    Keep us updated!

    Take care,