Tuesday, June 8, 2010

GC Talent Show

Today Brody and I participated in the schools talent show... GC's got Talent!
It went ok, except that the floor was super slippery (so Brody couldn't do some things properly), I was paranoid that he was going to bolt into all the students, also we ran out of room moving forward in the first part and had to stop and stand there!
All in all it was alright, but I definitely need to do more work, mostly on me dancing better and being more theatrical.


  1. Wow, that was pretty darn cool, slippery floor and all. Good concentration Brody, bet you are a superstar at GC.

  2. Hee! Hee! I think dancing on slippery floors is becoming a Brody speciality!! :-)

    I think you guys did pretty well considering the difficult circumstances! Honey wouldn't have been able to even walk across the stage! :-) I agree that it would look better if you could perhaps incorporate more of your cues & hand gestures into more dance/theatrical moves coz at the moment, it's really obvious when you're cuing him to do things...but then it's really hard to concentrate on looking theatrical when you're worried about your dog slipping around you! So I say - well done! :-)

    ps. was this after his recent seizure? If so, I'm glad to see that he's back on form!

  3. I know, after watching thevideo I totally agree - I was letting the team down! I was concentrating on Brody far too hard (he was great all things considered) and not thinking about me at all!
    There are also two parts of the routine that I want to reword as they are not working well / a bit boring.
    And yes this was after the seisure... it was yesterday! He's on two lots of medication for hypothyroidism and the itchy skinn, and still not 100% himself but he;s getting there!

  4. That was awesome!! Brody must have many young fans now.